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Wall art

One of the things about loving photography is having tons of pictures. I’m trying to figure out how to best display those special memories and bring about my home’s own character and feel.  Here are a few things that I’ve come across lately.

{via apartment therapy}


Hopefully my own walls will begin to take shape as I take inspiration from these finds…

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As they say…less is more.  Just one photo can make such a statement…LOVE IT!!

{via apartment therapy}


And here’s the other end of the spectrum… a collection of small photos. Beautiful!

{via palihouse}


What do you think? Do you love these as much as I do? I love to be inspired to think out of my usual norm. Remember, it’s all about finding ways to express your love and life!

Until next time…

i ♥ photography: Mila’s daydreams

I’ve come across a number of things in the past and even more so most recently of why I LOVE photography SO MUCH and so I thought i’d share these under “i ♥ photography”…basically a why I love photography series.

So here’s one for you…

Photography has nothing to do with the type of camera you have and having all the latest gadgets that we think are must haves to take a great photo; rather, it’s all about the person that’s looking through the lens and how they see the world.  A perfect example of this is from the creator of  Mila’s Daydreams.  If you’ve never heard of Mila, you’re in for a real treat.  Mila’s mom (Adele Enersen) is currently a stay-at-home mom (on maternity leave) who wondered what her daughter’s dreams must be like.  And unlike many of us well-thinkers, she began creating actual scenes she imagines her daughter must be dreaming and photographs her daughter in these dreamscapes.  It’s amazing, beautiful and creative! As a mom, I love everything about it! And an added plus,  she only uses her small, compact digital camera (Canon IXUS 750) in her photos.  So like I said, you don’t need that thousand dollar camera to take great pictures.   Here are two of my favorites…

It’s one of those things that you say to yourself…”Why didn’t I think of that!?” You can click on Mila’s Daydreams to be directed to her blog.

I am inspired and encouraged as a mom and photographer! Thanks Adele for inspiring us to dream! =)

What do you love about photography? Please share…i’d love to hear from you!

Until next time…

What to wear (family portraits)…

SO I haven’t been great at posting these the way that I had hoped. I did say i’d try to post these (“what to wear”) on a weekly basis but I realized it would  be an amazing feat if I could even post these once a month.  Anyway, here are photos that I’ve come across from a couple of my favorite photographers where wardrobe definitely caught my eye. Hope they give you some great inspirations to your wardrobe ware!

If you take a look at this family’s photo session*, you’ll find that they went on the  matching route but I just loved how they did it. They always had something that broke up the monotony yet still tied everything together.

Here, mom and dad didn’t go for the usual white top but they tied in to their sons’ black ties.  Then, their daughter had the gray cardigan (another monotony breaker) to complement her white top and the black in her parents and brothers’ wardrobe.

I just love this! The perfect blend of the formal and laid back style in one. A very cool look!

Here’s a family**  that illustrates my idea of wearing clothes that coordinate but don’t exactly match. Of course, it does help A LOT when the whole family looks like models but I just love how everything works together. The colors and styles. You can see how the girls (mom and daughters) are wearing skirts/dresses that have various prints/patterns but together, they work! The prints don’t overtake the shots and there’s another layer of symmetry with the dresses/skirts length.

Not being a fashion expert, I can’t tell you exactly why it does work but honestly, all you need is to see that it does and use it as a springboard to your wardrobe plans. This is probably a great example of how there are NO sure and hard rules on what you should or shouldn’t wear; rather, like i’ve said before…go with clothes that make you feel good. If you feel good, you’re pictures will look good!

So tell me what you think! Did you like these wardrobes as much as I did? Do you have any wardrobe recommendations or tips you wouldn’t mind sharing?

Well, until next time…

Photos taken from a couple of my favorite photographers…

*  from Tara Whitney’s “Just Be Blogged” Photography Blog

** from Dana Grant Photography site

Inspirations…#1. Amelia Lyon

I’ve learned most of what I know about photography from reading books in the library, researching photography on the internet and really… just using my camera and taking pictures.  I love looking at photographer’s websites and blogs for inspiration.  The same almost holds true for me in design except that most of what has inspired me in this area is my own experiences of not having exactly what i’m looking for or if it is…having to spend an arm or a leg to get it. I also find that I LOVE! things that express you (individually, as a family, or whatever the case may be)…I just gravitate towards that personal touch.

Recently, a flame was lit…I’ve been inspired. As I just shared in the earlier post, I am a mom.  Another thing about me you may not have known…my educational background is in biochemistry and psychology and I have a master’s in public health.  For the past 10 years, I’ve been either working in the non-profit sector and/or volunteering my time in it. My passion has always been people and wanting to help people. With my growing love for photography and design, I was hoping to combine photography & design with my heart to help/serve people in some way or another.  Recently browsing through these websites and blogs, I came across several photographers that are sharing their love of photography to helping others in different ways. These photographers have helped me to think outside the photography and design boundaries I had laid for myself. I can’t say I’ve figured out exactly what I’m going to do or would like to do with what I’m learning about photography, design and even who I am as a photographer or designer, but I can say that I’m excited to see how things will go.

Like my everyday muses, i’ll be sharing posts on these photographers, designers and others that inspire and encourage me in “Inspirations”.

So here’s one of my first “Inspirations”.  The first time I came across Amelia Lyon was a blog post she wrote about her dad entitled “missing my dad“.

Not only did I love her photographic style (some of her photos above), I also loved how she captured the tender moments and beauty of love and family in even the darkest of times.  You have to read the blog post and see the pictures to understand what I mean.   The power of this post to inspire was most evident in a later post titled  “Douglas…the strongest man alive” where Amelia share’s the story and photos of Douglas ( a man and father with ALS) and his family who had learned about Amelia’s dad and asked to have photos taken of Douglas and his family after they realized they haven’t taken any family pictures together.

Here begins my realization that people going through hard times (whether sickness, death,  financial difficulties, or whatever it may be) may have photos as one of the last things on their mind but what a gift for a family or friend to have.

Thank you Amelia for sharing your heart. You inspire me!