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What to wear {family portraits}: Accessorize!!!

This post is all about accessorizing! If you haven’t noticed, accessories are a great way to bring  about that extra “je ne sais quoi” (I don’t know what’s special but there is) in your photos. Of course, don’t overdo it.  We don’t want to look like we’re trying too hard but we do want it to look…fabulous! If you’re paying to have you and/or your family photographed, you want nothing less right?

So, what kind of accessories? Well, you’re probably familiar with the usual hats, scarves, shoes, jewelry, socks, tights, leggings, etc.  Here’s some modern takes on some of the usual…

I just love ties! They’re especially cute on the little ones but honestly, they’re great on everyone (mom, dad, and sis too).

{via the belle and the beau on etsy}

And what a perfect bow tie for the upcoming spring pictures…

The Fedora is retro cool! Something for the boys…

{via amelia lyon)

and even the girls…

{via blue lilly photography}

For girls (and the ladies), our hair can take center stage especially with a little help from a flower…

{via jessica claire}

{via blue lily photography}

I just have to say that I am a fan of headpieces like these whether they’re flowers, feathers or the like. But I must add that there are some limits. Personally, I’m not a fan of the adornments that are almost half to bigger than one’s head size (unless your selling the headpiece)… and especially on babies, they’re super cute enough.  Just my opinion.

Now we can’t forget about SHOES…I love boots and boy do I like this mom’s boots!!

{via blue lily photography}

If you’ve read my previous post on “Color” then you probably know how much I love color and your shoes are one of the easiest ways to add color…

via lot116 photography}

How about shoes like these!

{via jewelryandbabyblingbydara on etsy}

And I can’t resist showing you more shoes…

{via designmom}

I just love the colors! =)

Now, I can go on and on… There’s so much more to talk about but I’ll go ahead and stop here for now.  Let me know if you love these ideas! Hopefully these bring your next family shoot from good to great.  I’ll be sharing more with you soon.

Until next time…

Finally…a sneak peek!

Okay, I thought I’d share at least one picture with you so I can finally have a post on here.  This is a picture of my cousin’s son M who just turned one in December. The family finally had a chance to come over for a session right before the Atlanta snow storm a few weeks ago.   I just loved his hat! So cute!

I’ll be posting more pics from this session soon.

Until next time…

Embracing 2011…

I’m not sure  how to exactly start this post since I’ve been absent from my blog for some time now.  I can’t believe my last post was about my daughter’s birthday party back in October 2010.  It’s 2011!!! It’s a new year!!!  I wish I could share with you all of the posts I’ve attempted to write so you could see that I haven’t been trying to neglect my blog.  No, it’s not neglect. Honestly, I’ve probably spent TOO much time thinking about it rather than just sharing what I do.  It’s just not easy for me to come up with words to fill up a post I feel would be worthy of sharing (and lack of time in the holidays is a big factor too!). Since my wonderland posts, I actually have numerous photos that I’ve been hoping to share with you.  So rather than continuing to allow the lack of words to prevent me from sharing pictures with you, I’m deciding here and now that no posts helps no one (and at the very least doesn’t help me) and so it’s got to be all about the photos (I’ve just got to share all the amazing lives and loves I’m having the pleasure of capturing through my lens).

It’s ironic how my last post was called Embracing the Camera: Taking hold of Wonderland.  I didn’t call my embracing the camera a resolution at the time but it basically is.  And honestly, it’s more than just about the camera. I truly believe that life is short and it’s so important to LIVE life and love everyday.  It’s about me becoming more conscious of and making the actual effort to “embracing MY part” of the life, love and memories I want to give to my husband, kids, family, friends and people I get the opportunity to meet everyday.  One of my desires (I think a better word than resolution) for this year is taking hold of this wonderland of life God’s given me!  =) With that, I think more pictures and fewer words will be okay. Also, there may be stretches of time I’m not able to post since I’m trying to enjoy this wonderful life I have been given and I’m learning (growing) that that’s okay too. =)

So here are a few of the pictures I’ve been hoping to share with you from the past couple of months…hopefully I’ll be able to post more pictures from some of these different sessions later.

oh…and here’s me embracing the camera! =)

I hope 2011 is filled with many expressions of  your life and love!! Remember to capture them as they come!

I know it’s not Thursday but I wanted to share this button with you anyway since embracing the camera was first inspired by Emily Anderson and her blog.

Until next time…

What to wear (family portraits)…

SO I haven’t been great at posting these the way that I had hoped. I did say i’d try to post these (“what to wear”) on a weekly basis but I realized it would  be an amazing feat if I could even post these once a month.  Anyway, here are photos that I’ve come across from a couple of my favorite photographers where wardrobe definitely caught my eye. Hope they give you some great inspirations to your wardrobe ware!

If you take a look at this family’s photo session*, you’ll find that they went on the  matching route but I just loved how they did it. They always had something that broke up the monotony yet still tied everything together.

Here, mom and dad didn’t go for the usual white top but they tied in to their sons’ black ties.  Then, their daughter had the gray cardigan (another monotony breaker) to complement her white top and the black in her parents and brothers’ wardrobe.

I just love this! The perfect blend of the formal and laid back style in one. A very cool look!

Here’s a family**  that illustrates my idea of wearing clothes that coordinate but don’t exactly match. Of course, it does help A LOT when the whole family looks like models but I just love how everything works together. The colors and styles. You can see how the girls (mom and daughters) are wearing skirts/dresses that have various prints/patterns but together, they work! The prints don’t overtake the shots and there’s another layer of symmetry with the dresses/skirts length.

Not being a fashion expert, I can’t tell you exactly why it does work but honestly, all you need is to see that it does and use it as a springboard to your wardrobe plans. This is probably a great example of how there are NO sure and hard rules on what you should or shouldn’t wear; rather, like i’ve said before…go with clothes that make you feel good. If you feel good, you’re pictures will look good!

So tell me what you think! Did you like these wardrobes as much as I did? Do you have any wardrobe recommendations or tips you wouldn’t mind sharing?

Well, until next time…

Photos taken from a couple of my favorite photographers…

*  from Tara Whitney’s “Just Be Blogged” Photography Blog

** from Dana Grant Photography site